At Tradeshape, we are experts in the field of financial transaction processing and analysis for global investment banks and outsource service providers. We have extensive experience in automation, harnessing appropriate technologies to streamline your post trade processing. Our philosophy is to deliver consulting services and innovative products that make the impossible possible. We offer consulting services in the area of trade confirmation and settlement, bringing expertise in integrating systems with industry services such as SWIFT and DTCC products. Go to the About page to find out about how we work and who we are.

TS Workstation

Our team of technical architects have created TSWorkstation, an easy to install window into transaction automation which facilitates the update of static data, an essential step in the STP pipeline.

TS Analytics

Our experts use Data Analysis tools and techniques to review your underlying system data, giving us a better insight into how we can best support and streamline your business.

TS Consultancy

Providing expertise across many industry standards, including SWIFT, CTM and FIX, our consultants work with your existing infrastructure to find the best solution for your needs.


We approach every client's needs with a view to how we can best support them within their own infrastructure, working with existing technology to find the best solution for replacing outdated systems leading to improved automation.

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About us

We are an Irish company with consultants in the UK and Europe. With decades of experience in the financial services industry, our team works closely with our clients to ensure they benefit from our knowledge and experience.

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