Tradeshape is leading the way

Who Benefits

The types of organisation that most benefit from Tradeshape's products and services are global financial organisations who operate with business silos in multiple regions who wish to streamline their operation, reduce the level of costly errors, and improve customer service levels.

Business Strategy

Learn what the market says about the financial benefits of TS CAS Manager.

Financial Transaction Processing

Tradeshape are experts in the field of financial transaction processing and analysis.

Our innovation

STP analysis using TS Analyser is designed to identify breaks in your STP, Tradeshape offer a service to analyse information related to how your transactions progress through the system and find potential bottlenecks or exceptions conditions for examination.

Our Services

Get the cutting edge for your business with Tradeshape.


We use standard technology to bring a lower cost solution to the market. Our products have been designed to work together, or separately, giving clients the flexibility to take the whole suite, or using the web interface with existing applications. Our integration and transformation technology can be used as a light weight point to point solution, and this can be expanded into the integration server solution should the clients requirement demand this.


We have between 5 and 20 years experience of transaction processing. They will recognise your issues and give the help needed to improve your Straight Through Processing rates and Cash Management issues in a cost effective and timely manner. Our consultants can also assist with projects related to technologies other than our own.


When implementing a solution with the Tradeshape product set, we can design and partake in training sessions for users and developers alike, tailoring if necessary, the training to suit your requirements.