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The Tradeshape product set uses standard technology, avoiding the use of proprietary languages and interfaces, to bring a lower cost solution to the market. Our products have been designed to work together, or separately, giving clients the flexibility to take the whole suite, or using the web interface with existing applications. Our integration and transformation technology can be used as a light weight point to point solution, and this can be expanded into the integration server solution should the clients requirement demand this.

With TS Integration Server, you have a highly configurable solution set that provides industry standard real-time connections to all disparate information sources and a high availability and secure data store of all your transaction history.

For small one off integration projects, the new TS Integrator is an ideal solution

Combined with the TS Workstation the system will alert and display all transactions that do not process in a timely manner, irrespective of the markets traded. It allows operational users to configure their view of their world and facilitates manual input and repair of transactions.
Workstation can easily be configured for many transaction processing requirements.

The TS Analyser is currently being offered as a service but will allows Operations Management to quickly drill past surface issues that mask problems and will allow you to quickly identify the root cause. By relieving the need to call on IT services, Tradeshape products enable Operations staff to quickly identify the problems so that the right fix can be put in place leading to improved operational performance, improved control over counterparties and overall reduction in costs.


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