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Tradeshape announces transaction management solutions based on open standards

Industry-leading standards set to ease the deployment and maintenance of transaction management, alerting and analysis solutions

London/Ireland - 17th July, 2007

Tradeshape, an innovative provider of cash and liquidity management solutions, announced today the launch of open standards-based solutions designed to break down barriers to STP. TS Workstation, TS Integration Services and TS Analyser form a real STP enabler and deliver new standards for ease with which financial transaction information can be presented, disseminated and managed throughout the enterprise.

The typical back office within the financial services industry is characterised by out dated technology based on proprietary standards that, rather then enhance STP, today act as a barrier to the smooth flow, monitoring and management of financial transactions. Tradeshape have created a portfolio of browser based solutions built on industry standard Java, XML and XSL technologies, a departure from proprietary approaches most commonly found today, thus facilitating cost effective deployment for efficient transaction management.

TS Analyser is a next generation solution that provides intelligent analysis that goes beyond the linear ‘query, report, answer’ approach which requires that you understand where the problems are at the outset. However, within the analysis engine of TS Analyser, weightings are allocated to different aspects of the transaction and the time it takes to complete its cycle. It then performs automatic analysis and correlation across all transactions, highlighting problem areas that require attention before they can impact the business. It results in faster process improvement and more appropriate resource allocation.

New standards in transaction management and alerting can be achieved with TS Workstation and TS Integration Server. The TS Workstation provides a web based view of current and historic transactions, up to second transaction statuses and an audit trail of any user intervention. Using dashboard type views, the user can immediately pinpoint transactions in distress and operational staff will be alerted to transaction processing issues, thus potentially saving significant sums of money.

Tradeshape provides exceptions alerting and analysis to the middle and back office from the TS Integration Server which pulls together information from existing systems and services to alert users to potential exceptions and provide analysis of day to day message processing. This overcomes the challenge posed by having critical data residing in multiple disparate systems.

Each of the solutions is backed up by comprehensive professional services delivered by experts in the transaction management and messaging industry. However, as most institutions will have in-house skills in Java, XML and XSL, they are not reliant on returning to Tradeshape for lengthy professional service commitments.

Speaking about the advantages of the Tradeshape portfolio over propriety vendor solutions that need substantial professional services to implement and specialised skills to maintain, Siobhain Hayden, Managing Director, Tradeshape commented, “Tradeshape solutions have been specifically designed to set new standards in next generation transaction management whilst being incredibly easy to deploy and use. I genuinely believe that there isn’t another solution on the market that can deliver the functionality of the Tradeshape portfolio to improve cash and liquidity management and yet require such low maintenance costs.”

About Tradeshape
Tradeshape is an innovative provider of cash and liquidity management solutions that empower financial institutions with the ability to better manage their capital once a trade has been executed and thus to ‘know their traded world’. The solutions are targeted at fund managers, wealth managers and hedge funds. Tradeshape was founded by executives with over 60 years of experience in financial messaging, cash management and automated transaction processing with the aim of delivering increased liquidity control and better financial transaction processing and analysis. Tradeshape is located in Cork, Ireland, and London, United Kingdom. For more information see www.tradeshape.com.


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