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Data Conversion

Present your statement data in a spreadsheet format or perhaps pdf, allow information to be formatted for FAX.

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Simplified message creation

Simplified message creation is beneficial where users are required to populate data for standard message formats through the standard templates for these messages. A good example of this is in the case of SWIFT messages, the SWIFT message standard was introduced to facilite automated data transfer. Quite often though, users are required to create SWIFT messages for simple messages like payments, using the templates provided by SWIFT Alliance. The key issues, most clients acknowledge, is that message creation is prone to error and can only be used by qualified personnel, who understand exactly what SWIFT input requirements. TS Workstation can offer a fully customisable data entry screen, where the user is presented with just the fields they are required to populate, with titles they understand, and drop down lists for account and other important information, to offer better controlled user entry. This comes with a fully configurable security model allowing 4 eyes or 6 eyes verification.



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